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About Studiopac

StudioPac was built by engineers and architects to solve today's space issues quickly and easily. Our multifunctional, styled, high-end construction workshops enable us to be the best in the business at giving you the room to fit your needs. Not only are the units prefabricated, but also made to easily hook up to your existing grid at an affordable price.

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Whether you're looking for a home office, music room, extra bedroom, or even an outside cave, it will be built entirely in-house by one of the most qualified and creative teams in the industry. For high-quality extra spaces that can be ready in a short period of time, we are simply your best choice.

Our facility is built modularly, which allows us to avoid weather concerns, so we finish manufacturing process means we design and build better from the start-match the budget to the project needs.

The modular design allows us to add more structures to your unit, which starts at 9.5' x 11.5'. (this is the maximum size that can be built without a permit in most cities. The client is responsible to verify the information in their area.

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The steel frame makes the units stronger and durable, even on slopes. If you give us your ideas, we can make them a reality.

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